The One himself (l8on) wrote in joemillionaire,
The One himself

Last Night's episode...

Random Thoughts:

mirrorglassball was right. Tereza is awesome! Too bad she's gone, she was too damn cute and innocent... in a good way. Damn, I want her now! lol.

You're right, Anique was a "mess up" David, even though she looks like Estella Warren. (ahhh... :p) A shame you're stuck with her vs. Tereza. Silly cowboy.

Cat... well... after last night's episode I'm starting to dislike her now... Olinda was saying how Cat said God gave her the best pair of perfect breasts? Oh please... they would be perfect if they were DDs and didn't sag an iota, but they look like Bs and they DO sag.

Oh well... Linda is still there, fortunately... and Petra is suddenly becoming my new Tereza now... :)

Heh... the end for random thoughts.
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