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Thoughts on the remaining girls...

Well I had a longer entry for this but it got deleted before it posted. :( *tear* Let's see what I can remember:
Cat: 22, Germany. She's a mystery to me. I'm not convinced that she truly likes David for who he is, or if it's his (fake) money. Trusting her is questionable to me. She's a DJ for a living so she's obviously outgoing, while David is more mellow. While she is certainly attractive, I don't think David and her would click in the long run.

Anique: 21, Netherlands. Spitting image of Estella Warren. Gorgeous. The most attractive of the 3, by far. However, I think since she's so attractive, she comes across as too high-maintenance. I'd pass on her for this reason.

Petra: 27, Netherlands. 27 is 3 years older than David who is 24. That's 3 years closer to wanting to fall in love and settle down (David is sort of on the show for love) versus Cat and Anique who are still kids. Yes, at 21 and 22 you're basically an adult in the legal sense but come on, lifestyle wise, at 21/22 you act more like an 18 year old than a 27 year old. Petra lied to David when she said she didn't smoke. I didn't see her as a liar. Oh well. She seems to be the most friendly. While I still find Anique the most attractive, looks fade; personalities generally don't. I'd pick Petra in the end.

Yay for Olinda being gone. As for the returning girl, it should be Linda. THAT would be DAMN GOOD TV. You could see in her eyes that she *could* fall in love with him even if he wasn't worth $80 million. (Which we know he isn't, though she thinks so) A very wholesome woman while damn sexy at the same time too! God, I want her. LOL.

That's it for my thoughts... we'll see what happens tomorrow... :)
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