Mirrorglassball (mirrorglassball) wrote in joemillionaire,

The Next Joe Millionaire

I missed the first showing last week of the Next Joe Millionaire since I thought it came on at 9 like it did last season. Oh well, I knew I wouldn't miss much as they always have the "previously on Joe Millionaire" clip. I must say, it feels very weird though!

I think the reason why I liked the first season so much more is because the women seemed to have much better personalities. Something about all the European women turns me off. Now yeah they're gorgeous but they have too many different cultures to throw together in one show. You could see it with the meet n' greet. It just feels weird.

And the new guy isn't quite like Evan at all. He's dumb. He didn't even know the capitol of Germany is Berlin. I mean, c'mon now. Like the girls can't figure out he's not really as rich as he seems.

Oh ... and those jokes about the horse just got retarded.

Thank goodness Paul is still on the show or I may not even have bothered watching the entire thing.
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