purljamber (purljamber) wrote in joemillionaire,

shallowness is funny

Best quote of the evening:

"Were you scared when he said 'I don't have any neighbors, just my horses and cows'? I was like, "What, no Starbucks? No shopping?'"


Another new episode tomorrow, and although this season doesn't seem as intriguing as last season, I'll give it another episode or so.
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Oh you're right. I forgot they're running another show tomorrow night. Ugh..it's probably opposite something else I want to see.

I think Paul has a lot more coaching to do to bring this cowboy up to speed. I think I'd probably continue watching the show just to see how Paul handles him and the ladies.
ditto about Paul. I think that's the only reason I'm still watching the show is cuz he's in it.
I'm actually enjoying this season more than last season. I love the whole twist of using European girls. And even though I don't think he'll find "true love" from this bunch, the whole process is hillarious.
yes! i agree!!! my dad was watching it with me and he lived in italy til like his 20's/30's so he found that hysterical. these poor women... they dont know what the hell they got themselves into!
I don't think he knows what he got himself into either.. and the more he learns.. I think the less he likes of it. (dishonesty, having to get rid of girls, etc.)